The Urban Journalism Network

The Urban Journalism Network is a network of European journalists, media outlets and data analysts, that is dedicated to researching common challenges faced by European cities.

75 per cent of Europeans are living in metropolitan areas. And they share the most urgent problems of our times, be it housing, traffic, schools, segregation or dealing with the climate crisis. Telling stories with local urban approach means telling stories that start at people´s doorsteps.

The network is the continuation of the project Cities for Rent: Investigating corporate landlords across Europe, an investigation organized within the Arena Housing Network and published across 15 countries and languages.

After winning the European Press Prize 2022, the team behind “Cities for Rent” gradually re-organised into a wider network for the investigation of urban problems. Initially named “European Cities Investigative Journalism Accelerator”, the network already published two new investigations: One, about student housing. The second one on the trading of mortgages all around the world. In addition, it develops technology for better data-collection and visualization across languages and experiments with AI in order to advance reporting and publishing techniques.

In November 2023, the Urban Journalism Network launches the investigative series “Ground Control: Investigating Land ownership in European capital”.

Alongside investigations, the network is publishing regular data-driven stories on common challenges faced by European cities, such as demographics, migration and the energy crisis.

The development by the network and new technologies is funded by the Stars4Media program. Specific investigations have also been supported with funds from Journalismfund Europe and IJ4EU.

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